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With roots based in drawing, this collection of abstract work explores solidity, texture and form, produced using a limited palette allowing focus and direction. Set within the context of social and political instability, and using that as starting point, the paintings depict forms that at first glance appear quite solid, some even being walls of black paint, but on closer inspection give a sense of their fragility and impending collapse.


The paintings are physical, both in technique and presence, but ultimately attempt to communicate on an emotional level. Composed largely intuitively, it is in the fundamental components of vitality, drive and feeling, the things that epitomise being alive, that are being conveyed in these pictures.


Hati is a moon of Saturn, designated Saturn XLIII, named after Hati, a giant wolf from Norse mythology, son of Fenrisúlfr and twin brother of Sköll. Hati and Sköll would chase Sól, the Sun, and Máni, the Moon, around the sky day and night.


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    Acrylic on canvas

    150 x 100cm

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